Monday, October 02, 2006

Why do crackheads live forever??

I just would like to know how much crack it takes to kill a crackhead. I mean seriously I think I would save up enough to help them get there. Is there a crack pipe in heaven? (I think that was a 2 Pac song). I am gettin fed up with it. I love when they come in to the bar and order a Gin and Jews and pay with a handful of change they just bummed off people. Is dirty ratty money a prerequisite for being a crackhead? Does your single dollar bill have to be almost unrecognizable? How green or black can that handful of nickels be? Do you really think you are that important that I should stop serving the customer I am with to give you a "solid quarter" for your handful of pennies? Sorry all I have is liquid quarters, all out of the solid ones. Just keep giving me that 3 tooth smile. I want to invent a new crack. One that I will promote as the greatest high ever. 1 hit and you die. I think that might solve a lot of problems.
"Hey man try this out.."
"What that is?"
"Aw man this that soopa crack..."
"Aw shit, lemme git somma dat"
"cough,cough, CROAK!"
"Damn! This crack is da bomb!"

Maybe I should just wish that the crackheads switch to Heroin. Then they would be too laid out to come in and bother people.

1/4 GIN (The Cheaper The Better)
1/4 Vodka(Again the cheaper the better)
1/4 Shot of Milwalkees Best Beer
1/4 Cranberry Juice
A splash of run-off from your spill mat

Serve warm.

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