Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Halloween is getting closer

Halloween is my favorite holiday. Unfortunately I am pretty sure I am working that night. so now I am not sure what I am gonna do. Probably nothing. It's kinda hard to work dressed up as it gets pretty hot behind the bar. Even if I wear make-up it will more than likely be smeared halfway through my shift.
Anyways I think I will go to House Of Shock at some point. It's a New Orleans Halloween tradition. I do however miss the Mermaid Lounge. They almost always had the best show on Halloween night. In fact there were very few times that I would go to The Mermaid except on Halloween night.
Speaking of the music scene here in New Orleans; I miss the good old days. Yeah there are plenty of local bands that still play here. I mean you have your New Orleans staples: The Meters, The Radiators, Rebirth, Neville Brothers, and Galactic. The local rock/metal/punk scene still has it's staples too: Eyehategod, Pallbearers, Spickle, Suplecs, and Hawg Jaw. Most of these guys have been around on the scene for a long time in one band or another. The problem is getting the bigger named bands here.
Since Tipitina's went the way of only booking local staples and jam bands, and Twiropa is history; That leaves House of Blues and One Eyed Jack's to book the named bands. I have seen some of the best shows in my life at Tipitina's. Bad Brains, Helmet, the Melvins, Butthole Surfers, and GWAR just to name a few. Everybody used to play Tip's Marilyn Manson even played there. Okay so Tip's lost it's way but how in the hell do you lose P-Funk? Okay so then there is House of Blues who had to create a second venue, The Parish, to accommodate the bands Tipitina's was not booking. I detest House of Blues but if you wanna see bands like Ministry, Helmet, Celtic Frost, Slayer, or any good hip-hop shows this is probably where you'll end up going. By the way when House of Blues started they had some support for the local bands. They used to have a night (maybe Monday) that was for the local bands to come in and play. As for the other venues One Eyed Jack's, Howlin Wolf, Republic, and the Venue they can all do better. One Eyed Jacks has some love for the local set and they do bring in some of the indie/underground bands but looking at this months schedule it looks more like a summer schedule. Howlin Wolf can be very unpredictable but then pull a Hank III show outta their ass. I like the Wolf but I think they can do more. Republic and the Venue have potential to push the envelope further with some good hip-hop shows.
I have one more thing to bitch about Voodoo Fest. This year has got to be the weakest line-up for this 2 day event I have ever seen. Even last year when this city was in complete shambles the line-up was better. This year to main draws are supposed to be The Red Hot Chili Peppers and Duran Duran? How is that supposed to compare to some of the past line ups? Queens Of The Stone Age, The Stooges (yes the Motherfucking STOOGES with Iggy Pop),Perfect Circle, Mos Def, De La Soul, Eminem, Snoop Dog, and the Pixies. This year it's seems like they just took who ever they could get. Okay they got Social Distortion, Wu Tang, and the Flaming Lips but Voodoo should be bigger than that. Why not book Iron Maiden, A.F.I., Radiohead, Deftones, Bad Religion, The Mars Volta, Primus, Outkast, Beastie Boys, or even have the Gorillaz come do their thing. I mean get some powerhouse names in there. Some bands that people will actually travel here to see.
Alright I guess I am done bitchin for now.......

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