Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Why I never answer the phone....

I usually never answer the business phone when I am working because it is never important. It is usually someone asking stupid questions, the wrong number, or in the early morning someone who has something very urgent to speak to the owner about but not urgent enough to leave a name a number to call back.
So last night the phone rings at work about 3 A.M. I am pretty slow and kind of bored so I answer it.

Him: Uh yeah, I was calling 'cause I knew you guy were open 24 hours...
Me: Okaaaayyy.....
Him: Yeah, I was wondering if you knew of a bar called the Stil.(Not sure if this was the actual name but that's what it sounded like)
Me: Uhhhhh
Him: Yeah it's spelled S T I L.
Me: Never heard of it
Him: Okay, Thanks. (Hangs up)


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