Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Visitor Q-DVD Review



This flick is not for the following:
The moral majority
Jesus Freaks

Takashi Miike is probably best described as the Japanese Quentin Tarantino except Miike will take you places Tarantino could never bring you. While Tarantino's style is more focused on storyline and dialog, Miike's visuals will haunt you forever.

Visitor Q will make you think twice about your dysfuntional family as the one on your screen never ceases to amaze. Miike touches upon almost every taboo imaginable and then some. Scenes of necrophilia,abuse,incest, and more will batter your eyeballs and leave you dumbfounded. This movie was originaly made for TV in Japan! (Oh Those Japanese!)
The father is a reality TV host. The Mother a battered, lactating, herion shooting junkie. The daughter is a whore. The son is abused and battered by school bullies day after day. Then a stranger (Visitor Q) shows up and whacks the father on the head.
The dad brings this skull cracking stranger home to meet the family. The family unit begins to change (for the better?).
Let me just say that this is one of the most bizzare movies you will ever see.

I rate "VISITOR Q":
out of five stars.

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