Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Hey man, Nice shirt!

People are always complimenting me on my T-shirt or my hat. To me it just seems kinda silly. I don’t really know how to respond to these compliments. Usually at least once a night someone will say “hey, Nice shirt!” or “I Like that hat!”.Should I say “Thank you I’ve been dressing myself for a while now” or “yeah I bought it this way.” ? I mean what are they actually complimenting? The shirt? My fashion sense? I didn’t make the damn thing. To me it’s just something I threw on. I wasn’t really looking for anyone’s approval.
So I was at work tonight and I really had to piss. I finally got a free second and made a break for the john. Just as I am reaching out for the door some guy taps my shoulder and starts giving me a drink order. Then he tells me no big rush, when I get a chance. Couldn't he fucking wait till I got back behind the bar if it was no big rush? Jeezus let a guy take a whiz. So then I get in the mens room and there is some other retard that thinks I want to have a conversation while I am taking a leak. For the record when my feet are squishing around in piss, puke and god knows what else in a room that smells worse than a port-o-let thats been baking in the sun for a month and I am holding my dick in my hand pissing into a metal trough, having a conversation with the moron standing next to me is the last thing I want to do. To top it off the fucktard actually asks me to get him a beer when I get back to the bar. I really just wanted to turn to the side and piss on his leg. Then maybe, just maybe he might realize that I am not behind the bar at that moment but that I AM TAKING A PISS!

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