Tuesday, August 30, 2005


Well folks it has happened.Sort of I guess. The big’un in the the Big Easy. Here’s an account of my experience of the ordeal.

Thursday I saw this monster of a storm.I joked around cause I figured it would veer off one way or another.I have never left New Orleans for a hurricane before why start now? I always laughed at the people who drove 26 hours to Houston to escape a little wind and a few raindrops.

Friday was pretty much the same.I was asking people if they were staying or leaving. I was planning the “Hurricane Party”.I figured I’d be in New Orleans working anyways so lets get the people who are staying to come in.

Saturday my roommate left for Diamondhead Mississippi. I hope he’s alright. I told him I was staying in N.O. and also told him Diamondhead wasn’t a good idea. I think I told him he might as well stay here if he’s going to Diamondhead. He repleid with “ At least it’s not a bowl”.

Saturday Night I was still planning on staying.I worked from 1am-9am.The more I watched the news the sicker I felt. I had to get outta there. I got off work and decided I had to go. I packed a few things, grabbed my dog and headed out around 1pm Sunday. Keep in mind I had been awake since around 4:30-5pm Saturday. The news was saying go east to Florida cause there is very little traffic.I filled my tank up on Claiborne and jumped on I-10 east. I got right past the Elysian Feilds Exit before I hit GRIDLOCK! It took nearly an hour and a half to 2 hours just to get over the twin spans. On the road I heard a honk next to me and looked over to see Johnny B flippin me off. He asked where I was goin. I told him Florida. He told me they were going that way too with a caravan of people including Billy “The Dude” Hamilton from Le Bon Temp. I took us nearly 6 hours to get to Slidell where we found out that Mississippi had closed off I-10 east. They were diverting everyone north on I-59. Once on 59 we able to start doing the speed limit but it had started raining. The windshield wiper on my drivers side stopped working.I had to lean to the right to see out of passenger side. The collective caravan was starting to get low on gas. No gas to be found anywhere. We kept getting off on exits where everything was closed.Many pissed motorists stuck on these exits with no gas. A few exits had police telling everyone to get back on the road everything on this exit is closed. We finally got to Hattiesberg Mississippi on fumes. The first gas station we stopped at was closed but you could get gas with a credit card. No luck ...no one had a credit card. We found a gas station off the beaten path that had gas. There was a Sonic nearby where we grabbed some food.

We got back on the road as there were no hotels in Hattiesberg. we were told there was nothing available until Birmingham Alabama. We stopped at several exits along the way to seek shelter with no luck. around 6am I decided to pull our caravan off at Bessmer Alabama about 15 miles from Birmingham. We went to the Comfort Inn where the Comfort Cunt at the counter who was just extremely rude insisted there were no rooms. I called my stepdad who checked on the internet for me. The Motel 6 nearby had rooms! We shot over there and were told there were no vacancies right now but there should be some after noon. We reserved our rooms and sat in the parking lot from 6am until almost 1pm.

I got to my room,took a shower, watched some news about my poor city, and went to sleep. I had been awake for almost 48 hours. I woke up around 9pm. The power was out and the storm was brewin outside. The storm wasn’t too bad a lot of wind not some rain, no thunder or lightning. I played some PSP, watched a movie on my laptop, and slept on and off until about 8am when Johnny B knocked on my door. The hospital across the street had generators and were serving food in the cafeteria. I got up and went to go eat the worst and the best breakfast in my life. When we finished eating the power had been restored to our hotel and the surrounding area. i am at the Motel 6 in Bessmer Mississippi. If any of my peeps can call and lemme know if you are all right the number here is 205-426-9646 room 230.My cellphone isn’t working at all. I have been sending out text messages but I don’t know if anyone is gettin em.

What do I do next? I don’t know yet. From the news it sounds like we won’t be let back into LA for about a week. Also it sounds like no power for a while either; weeks maybe. Johnny B was able to get a hold of Joe Cosgrove(F&M’s). He said uptown is not too bad. Most is still standing. I may be headed to Florida and shack up with my Mom until it is safe to come back.

Well I will try ta keep ya posted.Please do the same for me.
Thanks and take care.

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